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Everything you need to know about Samvaad

There are only 3 steps you need to take. Its amazingly easy.


More than 95% of SMS are opened and read with first few minutes after they are received. Inform your customers about your business using this powerful medium.

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Customers can reply to your text message. Not only this, you can send an auto reply to them and get connected with them immediately.

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Analyse & Act

Real time and consolidated reports help you analyse the efficiency of your campaign. You know the leads generated.. The only thing remains is to act on it & get results.

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Why should you go for Samvaad?

  • SMS is a powerful medium to reach the agriculture audience. Almost every farming family has a mobile. And SMS can play a vital role in sharing information with them. Nothing reaches the rural audience faster than an SMS.
  • Sending SMS is not enough. You should know whether your message was delivered. Also if the person is interested in your offer. Samvaad empowers you to know if your message is delivered and if the person is interested.
  • At the end, everything that matters is result. Samvaad helps you to analyse your SMS campaigns and leads generated. Motive is to help you act on it and get results.

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